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Maren Kiessling

Maren Kiessling discovered film during her training as a media graphic artist. In addition to her studies of media communication and art history in Halle, she also worked as a director, camerawoman, editor and production manager for various digital film productions. With her work as a media pedagogue and jury-member (Jugendvideopreis Sachsen-Anhalt, Monstronale Festival, Fulldome Festival Jena) she supports young people to realise their films. Since 2012 she is working as a docent for film at the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg at the Dept. Media and Communication. In her doctoral thesis (2014-18), she is dedicated to the „Cinema of the Future“. 2016/17 she initiated the project „IT&Medien“ and since summer 2017 she leads the research group „360°, 3D & HFR“. Also, she is a speaker at various international conferences about the themes spatial film and High Frame Rate.
(Fulldome Festival Jena, 360°-VR-Talk Kurzsüchtig Leipzig, Avanca Cinema Conference, Stereo&Immersive Media Conference, IMERSA Conference, Fulldome Festival UK, TEDx Uni Halle u.w.). You can find her research blog on www.marenkiessling.de.


Byrke Lou

Byrke Lou studied physics, electro acoustic composition and digital media and worked in research institutes across Europe. She holds a B.Sc. in Physics, where she specialized in complex systems and a M.A. in Digital Media.

Byrke Lou exhibited at Ars Electronica, Transmediale and CTM, she educates young women on coding, DIY electronics, VR and electro dynamics privately and at universities, such as the UdK Berlin. She frequently hosts panels, curates and speaks at art and music business conferences.

She knows 6 natural languages and 7 programming languages. Byrke Lou’s work circles around innovation, digitalisation, sciences, art and performance.


Carina Mentrup

‘Carina Mentrup’, founder of ‘VR Saving Panet A’ believes that immersive experiences can be a powerful tool in education for sustainable development. She will be speaking about her research on how to use VR in the classroom to raise awareness for climate change, create empathy and teach people how to make more sustainable choices for the future of our planet – because there is no planet B.


Farina Hamann

Farina Hamann studies communication design at Braunschweig University of Art Braunschweig (HBK) and focused on interaction design and digital media. She started working with virtual reality in 2016 and created together with Annika Heller »Ana Kalypto«, the first VR project at HBK, which combined virtual reality with a physical interactive installation to let visitors experience an educational journey using a real existing room as intuitive and innovative control. Since then she works on multiple VR projects and games, attends Hackathons and other design sprint-like events and organizes exhibitions with VR and AR. Farina regularly leads virtual reality workshops at the fab lab Protohaus and works at VirtuaLounge, a VR arcade in Braunschweig.